Nuances of Fear Testimonials

March 18, 2020 1:08 PM

We received some great reviews for our libraries from game and film industry veterans. They are interested to share their thoughts on why they like the Nuances of Fear. Check them out:

“When it comes to creating a dark, dreadful atmosphere of Mortal Shell world, “Nuances of Fear” collection played an important role in game’s sound design, helping to speed up the process of assets production as well as allowed us to experiment on the ideas with the level of quality that normally wouldn’t be possible on a small indie budget. The team had a pleasure to utilize “Nuances of Fear” on Mortal Shell to create the final audio assets for the game as well as for the marketing materials such as Mortal Shell game trailers. Both the initial reveal trailer and the date announcement trailer have amassed more than 1M views each on YouTube with audio design widely praised by the public.” Vitaly Bulgarov, Cold Symmetry Co-Founder | Mortal Shell, Alita: Battle Angel, Diablo 3, Transformers, Ghost in The Shell

“What I like about Nuances of Fear is the wide variety of styles of sounds from big braams, punchy stings, and eerie drones, to a rich set of source recordings that have a lot of character.” Matt Yocum, Sound Designer. | The Invisible Man, Pet Sematary, The Cloverfield Paradox

“RT Sonics’ Nuances of Fear library has some very innovative and detailed sounds that I find myself returning to again and again when I need some inventive elements and unique detail. Nuances of Fear is definitely one of my favorite horror libraries. Great work, guys!” Angelo Palazzo, Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer. | Stranger Things 3, Frozen 2, Star Trek: Discovery, Alita: Battle Angel.

“Nuances of Fear is a terrific sound library that offers unique sounding cinematic horror stingers, accents and transition sounds perfect for post-production work. I´m loving the fact that the collection also includes source recordings ready to be used in your own sound design work. A definite must have for any horror sound designers out there.” Ville Sorsa, Audio Lead | Control, Remedy Entertainment.

“Nuances of Fear is an amazing collection of designed and source sounds. The large variety of detailed and dynamic sounds have become my go-to for anything I need to sound unsettling or send players flying out of their seats. Very inspiring work and I am excited to hear what they release next!”Warren Post, Sound Designer | The Division 2, The Last of Us, God of War 3.

“Nuances of Fear is an essential horror sound resource, providing both meticulously recorded source material and impressively stylized, bone chilling sounds. I was immediately inspired by the fresh impacts, disturbing drones, and resonant textures, and can’t wait to embellish my current horror game project with these layers. The wide frequency range and clean quality, coupled with an apparent instinct for creating a fight or flight state of fear, makes this an exciting addition to any sound effects library.”Kadet Kuhne, Principle Sound Designer | Five Nights at Freddy’s AR, The Walking Dead, Guardians of The Galaxy.

“RT Sonics’ libraries are awesome and irreplaceable – not only do they feature ready-to use-designed assets that stand out from the crowd, but also have immaculately recorded construction kits that I keep coming back to! You can tell that these libraries are created by sound designers, for sound designers.”Alex Previty, Sound Designer. | Spider-Man (PS4), PlayStation.

“Nuances of Fear is a collection of tastefully crafted and recorded sounds, each with their own unique character. An excellent pallet for designing a truly terrifying experience!”Eric Van Amerongen, Sound Designer | Oculus, Ratchet and Clank.

Also, 344 Audio reviewed Nuances of Fear on their audio blog. You can read the review here.